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CiXishi JiaLide Pen-making CO.,LtD founded in 1999, is located in Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, China, Cixi City has been called the good name of the coast of the East China Sea, located in Hangzhou Bay Economic Development Zone, the East from Ningbo 60 km ,south of Shanghai 148 km, west Hangzhou 138 km; the Yangtze River Delta economic circle in the South Wing of Central Hangzhou Bay .In Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo Economic three main cities of the Golden Triangle Center; the world's longest bridge ----- Hangzhou Bay Bridge here the starting point. Location and traffic advantage is obvious!
Founded nearly a decade, the continuous introduction of advanced technology and high-quality talent, improve management style, has now developed to a certain scale enterprises. In modern economic management mode, the company established a complete sound effective rules and regulations, from the general manager of the company went to the workshop classes, group members accountable, product quality from start to finish, all products of similar quality are beyond enterprises,So well received by the overwhelming majority of users.
CiXi City JiaLide Pen-making CO.,LtD to Gelpen adaptor development and manufacture, and undertook precision plastic T category development and manufacture of parts and components, mainly produces adaptor (670 #, 650 #, 640 #, T670 #, G670 #(mega)) Tube of Parker Gel refill, tTube of roll ball refill, Pencil machanism, Barrel. ProductsSales long throughout the country, and has opened the international market! For a long time, the company has consistently adhered to the "first-class product, first-class quality, first-class services," the purpose of service, in the "mutual inter-win, and enterprise" business as a concept, access to more and more enterprises favor, all my colleagues convinced CiXishi JiaLide Pen-making CO.,LtD will inevitably become overwhelming majority of new and old customers with no regrets wise choice; sincerely hopes that with the stationery manufacturers work together; welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to come to patronize and negotiations, cooperation, join hands Building a better tomorrow! ! !

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